Sunday, January 17, 2010

Review Late but true.... 3 Idiots!

My first post so nervous moments & here I go....

Having read Five Point someone, I was always worried at the idea of making a film out of that book completely starring Aamir Khan, given the youthful nature of the lead characters in the original plot. But after I saw the movie which was made with considerable amendments to the original plot and just keeping the main story intact, I was more than relieved with the thoughtful and refreshing changes that were made to the original plot. No this is not any attempt to indirectly support the VVC production house and query Chaitan Bhagat’s claims but it’s just a personal observation. But most of the good things to say about the movie unfortunately end here.

Aamir Khan is of late playing roles where he is everything you want a lead role to be, confident, clear in thought, beyond materialistic pursuits of money and fame, always willing to forgive, forget and share his widespread knowledge & enlightening the lesser mortals; being spontaneous, sensitive with good blend of sympathy & empathy, not to mention romantic, humorous, great mind-reader who is well-informed about almost any issue that’s going on in the movie & the list doesn’t end that easy. The amended script did his image no harm as it took all the good traits of all characters of the book and bundled them up in Rancho played by the emperor of Khans. The title should have been 2 idiots and an intellect, but for the modesty of the lead man who might have peeped out of his role and suggested the director to let the title remain 3 idiots. Four decades earlier the movie could have been named as ‘Do ankhen chaar haath’ with their (2 idiots) apparent vulnerability to any distress that pops up during their allotted screen time.

The second half has some done to death sub plots with most predictable endings and the one that takes the icing as well as the cake is the bridal escape scene which has been the most preferred scene of Bollywood ever since DDLJ happened and I guess it continues to stay so for the next few decades.

Now for few good things about the movie, well Aamir Khan himself no matter how many times he plays such roles he is always a refreshing sight on screen. He has transcended his nearest Khan contender the King Khan himself quite comfortably over the last decade & the gap is only going to get wider with each of his well conceived movies that turn out to be Block Busters. If at all you have to pick on films of any Indian actor who you can proudly show to a phirang friend of yours, I guess Aamir fits the bill, at least from the beginning of Lagaan days and needless to say, he reached stratospheric heights with Rang de Basanti. Madhavan was quite refreshing on screen & he portrayed the role of Farhan quite effortlessly (am forced to include this bit for reasons I cannot mention) and the director and the script writer redid their Lagey Rahoo Father-Son Radio scene in the climax when Farhan tries to convince his dad & needless to say same goes with the interview and its predictable outcome of second Idiot. In short it was a polished version of Munna Bhai with the lead role’s I can fix all the problems attitude and aptitude in his own educated & elegant way, the script of which was based on FPS and few main scenes also taken from that Chetan Bhagat best seller.

But still this has to be the best film in terms of revenues and also entertainment because of the strong FPS connection with a Munna Bhai kind of narration. It makes us feel that we are watching something worthy but at the same time it lets the critic down in its endeavor to appeal to all segments of audience, but it’s entertaining & that rests any cynical perspectives that may crop its ugly head against this master piece.

All said and done when you compare this movie with the usual stuff dished out by Mr Khanna or the other Khans, 3 Idiots sits pretty in stratospheric zone of its own even though it’s pleasantly but tiresomely predictable, with the exception of the finale twist in the film of course & if I can add, may be Mr Bhagat’s case could have been rested there.


  1. That was a good review indeed. I didn't quite enjoy FPS and felt the movie was much better. Of all the movies that were inspired by books, this is by far the best.

  2. It was fun to read your review..Pls write more..And your bit about Madhavan..Are you his fan?!

  3. Just curious, how did you come across this blog..