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Antaryaaami Alasiti Solasiti... Thank you Baalu 🙏🙏

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So Long Professor Deano!

Fielding never came naturally to me and I was guilty of dropping some crucial catches in my limited career as a playe r. Though sometimes a more relaxed self was taking tough catches making them look simpler, it was only by chance rather than conviction. Last night was watching Select Dugout (always prefer this channel for the insightful views the pundits there give instead of regular star sports). The match was going one way; while enjoying the ranting tweets of the greatbong, catching up the later part of the game having my dinner with little realization that these were the last Live minutes of Dean Jones on air. During the course of this one sided game, Professor Deano managed to make the telecast interesting by coming up with a priceless bit of advice; viz. while attempting to catch skiers, always ensure the hands are partially overlapped and your dominant hand is receiving the ball so that it remains intact and does not spill off. Was thinking if only such cricketing intelligence

Thank You Jurgen Klopp!!

When Jurgen Klopp inherited Liverpool Football Club, the club was enduring a driest possible spell of the decade. They have won one title in the last eight years, an insignificant league cup, our star players periodically started to leave Liverpool, Xabi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, Fernando Torres, and most hurtfully, Luis Suarez just after extending his contract 6 months back.   Brendan Rodgers who bought Liverpool a very close title race paid no heed to Champions League or European football, the legacy on which Liverpool Football Club is built on. Liverpool failed to qualify for the Knockouts of Champions League got beaten 6-1 by Stoke in what was club legends Steven Gerrard’s last match featured a second-string side against Real Madrid in a must-win group game and was unable to hold on to Luis Suarez and bought the mercurial Mario Balletoli as his replacement.   Brendan Rodgers got sacked after a 1-1 draw with Everton 6 games into the new season.   I was on my way to Tiru

🙏 Om Shanti Om.. Shanti Shanti Om..🙏

From the adolescent of Mera Naam Joker, to the Romantic Hero of Bobby (the name trendy enough to prompt someone very dear to refer me with that endearment) and other early RK films, to the youthful hero of the mid-late 70s, to Manmohan Desai's multi starers like Naseeb, Amar Akbar Anthony & Coolie, …To the solo hero of Karz & for being the life of beloved Mohammed Rafi's comeback to Stardom Qawwalis of AAA & Hum Kissi se Kam Nahi, To being the middle-aged leadman of Yash Chopra  movies, to playing the second fiddle in the launch film of the new Badshah of Bollywood in Dewanaa to the Twilight classics of Hum Tum, Kapoor & Sons and Agneepath rehash. The Journey of beloved Rishi Kapoor has been legendary, yet understated and underutilized.. Thanks for being such an integral part of our lives.. 🙏  Om Shanti Om Rishi Kapoor.. Your offspring, the finest actor of the current generation, will ensure your dad's dream of the Kapoor show to go on...

My Lucky Stars!!

Stargazing has been one of my passionate habits at the onset of Summer. Today after a serious thunderstorm, I was surprised to see a fairly clear night sky and my surprise heightened when I could spot some stars in the midnight sky from the balcony. Without wasting much time, rushed upstairs around 1 30 Am to reunite with the companions of the night aka the Stars and Constellations. While I was able to see some stars if not all, the following are the Stars that a novice in me can instantly recognize even today. Venus – The morning star of the Northern Hemisphere, easily the brightest planet visible even after the onset of bright morning Summer Sun. Mercury- Little below Venus, not as bright but definitely visible in the morning sky. Mars- Staying on the eastern side of the night sky, Mars is the reddest star you can see with the naked eye, while the reflection of red light is quite evident. One basic rule I was told is Stars twinkle and planets do not twinkle. T

Hemanta Kumar!

There were times during my growing up years, which had the usual the annual visit to my place of birth Guntur for Summer Holidays.. among a lot of things there, one striking aspect was how all families were united by the love for Music, Indian Classical as well as Western.. Back then, almost inevitably at least one member from every known family knew how to play the Harmonium aided by a voice with nasal touch.. They would never shy away from showcasing their limited range of songs agai n and again year after year with the universal favorites being the Nagin been music & couple of songs from films like Waqt etc.. Saw this Video during idletime YouTubing & just thought how good should the legendary Hemant Kumar be if his supremely rich, velvetly smooth, Baritone voice sounded this good with Doordarshan mics.. He was I think aged around 69 at the time of giving this rendition..(passed away at 70) Was great to see this interview of the original voice for Dev Anand

Rohit Gurunath Sharma!

A long due ode to en erstwhile enigma of sports, who for the first five years of his career might have given more income to the stand-up comedians and trollers than he did for himself. As a sports fanatic, I have a hierarchy spread in terms of allegiance I have for Sports personalities & teams. Top of the list & a thing of beauty that would never return to full-fledged action would be Stefan Edberg. I don't think in my limited view of sports, I have seen a more graceful poetic movement in a sports arena. Followed by that for a neck to neck tie is the Indian Cricket team and Liverpool football club, who don the Silver medal by the narrowest of margins. Will torment about these two in a later post. Before I get to the bronze, I would like to make some honorable mentions of Yuvraj Singh, VVS Laxman, Mohd Azharuddin, Rahul Dravid, MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar in that very order, who I really adored to watch during their peak and had an emotional connecti